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To compete, you need a proven partner with powerful insights that can increase your bottom line. The financial industry veterans at Advisors Plus represent the most effective option to analyze your card programs’ portfolio performance and risk exposure, as well as ensure efficiency across operations, collections and internal card operation models. Join forces with Advisors Plus consultants to identify challenges and opportunities, create plans tailored to your market needs, and discover programs that will exceed member service expectations, optimize product delivery strategies, and achieve cost-effective results.


When our Consulting team engages with your credit union or community bank, our mission is to understand your current organizational environment, including any goals or hurdles you may have. Your success is our greatest concern, so we strive to provide a level of service that your financial institution will continue to find useful in the growth of your organization.

Step 1

Planning and Engagement

This stage involves the selection of a problem or challenge and an evaluation of the consulting process to achieve results.

Step 2

Data Collection

This is a discovery session where key information is gathered and provided to Advisors Plus through a questionnaire and expense worksheets.

Step 3


In this stage of our process, we uncover problems, deep dive into data, and evaluate risk, transactions, usage and new account generation.

Step 4

Market Research

This is where we incorporate current trends and factor notable industry happenings into the competitiveness of your products.

Step 5

Develop P&L

Here we offer P&L and final ROA by product. We provide you with interchange opportunities, major expense contributors, performance-based measures, and an evaluation of your marketing approach, as well as product and pricing mix.

Step 6

Present Recommendations

In this stage we engage in interactive discussion with key stakeholders to provide actionable insights and present our strategic plan for growth opportunities and improved profitability.

Step 7

Take Action

Here we work with your financial institution, as necessary, on the actionable insights provided and help track success metrics. Your success is our greatest concern and we want to continue to re-engage in planning your growth strategies.


Our consultants have decades of experience managing card portfolios and other operational areas

Subscription Services

Service plans ideally suited to meet your financial institution's individual needs for growth

Data Driven

We are very much numbers-focused with huge attention on financials and statistics

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