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Branch Sales

A credit union’s branch remains at the core of the member experience. While online and mobile channels may be increasing, your members and future members will continue to return to the branch for support and services that demand a personal touch and elevated levels of knowledge. Make sure your staff is ready! Let Advisors Plus help ensure that your presence and service remain a key differentiator from big banks.

Effective Workshops

Our Train the Trainer program is a type of workshop which equips your training staff and branch managers with the tools to convert your front-line staff into confident member-focused sales people. By allowing our experienced coaches to train your staff, they’ll be able to communicate more knowledgeably and effectively when they describe your key product features and offer products and services when your members need them the most.

Transferable Skills

When you allow Advisors Plus to partner with your team, you invest in transferable skills. You’ll be impressed with how much more insight your branch personnel will have in understanding the member buying experience, and how their actions can directly enhance it. Additionally, your staff will walk away with the ability to translate real-time goals and measures into real-time results.


Advisors Plus training coaches have a combined 50 years of industry experience, and are skilled at optimizing branch operations for growth and performance.

Drives Revenue

Convert front-line staff into confident revenue generators.

Enhances Productivity

Get more from your day with streamlined productivity.

Increase Effectiveness

Learn to communicate products more knowledgeably and effectively.

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